Screw Oil Hot and Cold Press Machine

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Screw Oil Hot and Cold Press Machine
1. Introduction of screw oil hot and cold press machine:
6YL series new-type cold and hot pressing multifunctional screw oil press is the earliest reserached and developed automatic expeller, the machine can be operated automaticly, and with heating, extracting, filtering one set. The raw material is feeded into directly,  simple and convenient, high efficiency.
a. Automatic temperature control, easy to operate
b. Multistage pressing, high oil yield
c. Pressing chamber recostruction with reasonable design
d. High efficiency fine filteration, pure oil  products
e. Multifunctional pressing, widely used
f. Simplifing the running process
g. Large capcity, high efficient operation
h. Durable and reliable in quality
6YL series cold and hot pressing multifunctional screw oil expeller, which adopts micro electric control, infrared heating, vacuum filter, three grade pressing, it is practicable for both hot-pressing and cold-pressing. It can process rapeseed, peanut, groundnut, tea seeds, soybean, sesame, sunflower seed, castor seed, and other many kinds of vegetable oilseeds. The oil extracted is filtered clean and pure, it can be ate directly, which is most ideal equipment for individual plant.
2. Main technical parameters:

Model      6YL-80 6YL-100 6YL-120 6YL-130 6YL-160
Screw speed 30-45r/min 30-40 r/min 30-40 r/min 28-40 r/min 28-40 r/min
Gear Ratio 14/42×19/57=1:6.63 15/40×15/55=1:9.78 15/34×15/55=1:9.59 15/38×19/48=1:7.38  



Dimension 1700*1300*1750mm 2100*1360*1950mm 2050x1350x2000mm 2400x2300x1700mm 2500x1600x2500mm
Productivity 80-150kg/h 150-250kg/h 200-300kg/h 250-400kg/h 450-600kg/h
Power Y160L-6-5.5KW Y160M-6-7.5KW Y160L-6-11KW Y180L-6-15KW Y200L-6-18.5KW
Vacuum pump Y90S-4-0.55KW Y90S-4-1.1KW Y100L1-4-1.5KW Y100L1-4-2.2KW Y100L1-4-2.2KW
Heater 2KW 3KW 3.3KW 3.8KW 4KW
Weight 630kg 870kg 1280kg 1300kg                1500kg

3. Detail pictures: