Big-Size Screw Oil Pressing Machine

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Big-Size Screw Oil Pressing Machine
Brief introduction of oil press machine:
Model ZY24(202-3)screw oil pre-press is a continuous oil expeller which is suitable for preliminary pressing-solvent extracting press or twice pressing process in small and medium-sized oil plant, and used to handle with oil seeds such as rapeseed, peanut, sunflower, and cottonseed kernels. It has the following advantages: high processing ability; low power consumption; low operation expense; defatted cake being loose but not crushed, easy to solvent penetration; low residual oil rate.
Low power consumption, low running cost and low oil residue
Process characteristics suitable for pre-pressing:
1. the processing capacity is large, thus the workshop area, power consumption, operation, management and maintenance work corresponding reduction.
2. the structure of Pressed-cake is more loose but not crushed, is conducive to solvent extraction.
3. pressed-cake oil content and moisture is suitable for solvent extraction.
4. the quality of extracted oil is better than once pressed or solvent extracted oil.

Model Productivity Oil residual Power Dimension(L*W*H) Weight Remark
ZY20(202-3) 40-60ton/day 10-18% 30KW 2900*1850*3640mm 5500KG Pre-pressing