Oil Pretreatment Machinery

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Oil Pretreatment Machinery
Pre-treatment section
1.Metering process:
With special equipment, the stable measuring scale is used to regulate the flow and measure total production. Moreover, it can achieve accumulated measurement, transient measurement and cost accounting, with accurate measurement and high precision.

In order to obtain high effective cleaning, ensure good work condition and production stability, high efficient vibration screen was used in the process to separate big and small impurity. Suction type gravity stoner removing machine was applied to remove the shoulder stone and earth, and magnetic separation equipment without power and exhaust system were used to remove iron. Dust removing wind net is installed. The dedusting system uses single union cyclone and centrifugal fan to remove dust effectively, so as to to ensure workshop hygiene and clear light impurities.

3.Crushing process:
In order to ensure good softening and flaking effect,  edible oil seeds should be crushed, so that water can distribute uniformly and clearly during softening, and flake is thin and burliness.

4.Flaking process:
Hydraulic compact roller flaker is used to ensure thin and uniform flake, with high toughness and small powder.  the oil of raw material can be extracted in the shortest time and maximum, and residual oil was less than 1%.

5.Cooking Process:
This process is heating and cooking for sunflower seed which is easy to separate of oil and can provide the oil quantity from prepress machine.It is easy to operate and have long life.
6.Pre-pressing process:
To squeeze out some of the oil from the high-oil materials, such as sunflower seed etc., to meet the following cake extraction requirements. The dry cake is loose-structured and not broken, easy for solvent premeability, with low residual oil and low running cost.